Daily Bible Reading Planner

Bible Reading Planner (free)

The Bible Reading Planner is designed to help you read one chapter of the Bible every day for a year, starting whenever you wish.

The plan provides a good overall view of the Bible and is divided into 52 weekly sections, each with its own theme and notes. A handbook also comes with the planner to help you understand the Bible message.

The Bible Companion (free)

With the Bible Companion three portions of scripture are read each day, which enables the Bible student to complete the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice during the year.

If you would like to receive a copy of the free Bible Reading Planner or the Bible Companion by post please email us at dlc@thebibleinguildford.org.uk, giving your full name and address, email address and stating clearly whether you require the Bible Reading Planner or the Bible Companion.

To follow the daily readings online please visit: www.dailyreadings.org.uk


Bible Reading Planner