Distance Learning Course - FREE

Whether you are already familiar with the Bible or are new to reading it, this course is aimed to equip you with the skills required to understand the Bible teachings and benefit from a new appreciation of God’s Word.

The course material is usually sent via email in pdf format, however, this can also be sent in hard copy by post if required. The course commences with an introduction followed by twelve concise sessions. Each of the sessions is split into two parts and covers the areas listed below :

Part Section 1 Section 2
1 Background to the Bible The Bible interprets itself
2 Overview of the books of the Bible - part 1 The Old Testament is the foundation of the New Testament
3 God's covenants The role of prophecy
4 Tips on reading Overview of the Books of the Bible - part 2
5 Study tools - part 1 Terminology - part 1
6 Overview of the books of the Bible - part 3 Terminology - part 2
7 Cross-references A law ahead of its time
8 The purpose of God revealed Overview of the Books of the Bible - part 4
9 Study tools - part 2 Terminology - part 3
10 The place of the Jews in God's plan The balance of grace and truth
11 Motivation in reading the Bible Overview of the books of the Bible - part 5
12 Terminology - part 4 The problem of suffering

So enrol on the Distance Learning Course to make your Bible study more productive, understand God’s message for yourself and fine tune the skills which will enable you to read the Bible more effectively.

We will never ask you to make a donation, and you have no obligation, no one will attempt to convert, ‘save’ or pressure you. Our hope is that through the course you will begin to gain a greater understanding of God’s message and obtain the peace, comfort and hope that it brings.

If you would like to register for the Distance Learning Course, please email us at dlc@thebibleinguildford.org.uk giving your full name, email address and country of residence. A representative will then contact you via email with part one of the course.


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