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Further information on the Christadelphians:

The Christadelphian website where you can find out more about our beliefs, locate your nearest meeting, learn of forthcoming events in the UK, view current topics and browse our literature:


Current World events in the light of Bible prophecy:
Bible in the News

Bible in the News
A weekly update on World events

The Bible Magazine

The Bible Magazine
A quarterly magazine on World events


For further assistance with your Bible studies:
Free online Bible study courses - sign up for our online course and grow your understanding of the Bible. A personal tutor will guide you through the course.
On this website you can view videos, get free downloads and literature and see explanations for life's big questions such as: "Why should I believe in a God I cannot see?"; "Is there more to life than this?"; "Has Science disproved the Bible?" to name a few.

Daily Readings
A brief comment on each of the day's readings, based on the normal Christadelphian 'Bible Companion'. You may receive these comments daily by signing up on the website. An excellent site to encourage daily and systematic Bible reading.


Test your biblical knowledge with our online Bible quizzes.


Bible Line
Telephone 0845 766 0668

Bible Line enables you to listen to a Bible message in the comfort of your own home, whenever is convenient for you. Simply call, then sit back and listen. Messages are updated regularly. National and local numbers are available. There are also many articles available for download from this website, free of charge and in Word format.


Month by month the Glad Tidings Magazine covers topics which are relevant to our daily lives, and looks at how we can find out more about what the Bible has to teach us. The magazine also has short studies on various areas of scripture. For more information, visit our Glad Tidings page for a summary of the latest issue. You can request
a free copy and if you would like to access back numbers of the Glad Tidings Magazine, you can find copies for the last few years on the Glad Tidings Magazine website.