Meeting times

Bible Hour
Held on the first and third Sunday of each month - commencing at 10am.
Communion Service

Each Sunday morning - commencing at 11.15am.

You are welcome to come and join us for our Bible Hour which is held at our meeting place - St Catherine's Village Hall on the first and third Sunday of each month commencing at 10am.

Presentations are given on a wide variety of Bible based subjects. These are ideal for anyone who may wish to find out more about the teaching of the Bible and its application to today.

Sunday morning services commence at 11.15am and are set aside for a communion service for members.

What to expect if you visit us

People will arrive and sit down, and things are usually quite quiet. We have no formal priest or minister but the meeting is usually led by a president, appointed for that day, by announcing all the hymns and prayers for which we usually stand. However if you feel uncomfortable about this, or any other part of the service, please feel free to just sit quietly.

Orders of service may vary according to the subject, but usually there is an opening prayer and hymn and Bible reading. Then the president will introduce the speaker for the afternoon, who will usually speak for about 20 - 30 minutes. There is then an opportunity for discussion after which we conclude with another hymn and prayer.

If you found the talk interesting, please stay behind and talk to the members or the speaker about what you have heard!

Please check the 'What's coming up' and 'location' pages for up to date information regarding meeting subjects and times, to ensure you are not disappointed.